Tony carries the Olympic torch for Balsall Common!

Sports mad dad of three Tony Worth from Balsall Common will join celebrities, Olympians and a former Miss Kenya this Sunday 1st July as he proudly carries the Olympic flame through Solihull on the 44th day of its 8000 mile journey around the British Isles. Tony was one of 35,000 hopefuls who applied to Coca Cola  for the opportunity to carry an Olympic torch and is “unbelievably excited”.

Tony, who has lived in the village for almost 8 years, has been training for his historic run for several months although he confesses he won’t be breaking any speed records. Nevertheless, his “once in a lifetime moment” is likely to last only a few minutes;  he has to travel a modest 440 yards.

The famous flame will leave Birmingham on Sunday morning at 6am and will be carried as far as Solihull, where Tony will bear it along Marshall Lake Road and Blackford Road in Shirley. Large crowds are expected at the roadside. After Tony’s triumphant run, about which he is “quietly confident”, the flame will travel on to Leamington, Kenilworth and will end up in Coventry’s Memorial park where it will form the conclusion of the Godiva festival.

Tony has assured us that he will not be selling his torch on Ebay, in fact it has a full schedule over the next few weeks as he tours it around local schools including Berkswell and Balsall Common Primaries, as well as the 4th Balsall Common Brownies and  his office at Coventry Building Society!  Finally the torch will be on proud display in his Balsall Common home. “It’s definitely one to tell the grandchildren” he says.

You can follow Tony on twitter @tonymalonyworth for exclusive pictures on the day.