Balsall Common earmarked for permanent Traveller/Gypsy settlement by Solihull Council

Solihull Council has earmarked Balsall Common for a permanent Gypsy/Traveller settlement, as reported in the Birmingham Mail earlier this week. The 15 acre site is between Waste Lane and Old Waste Lane (after the Kelsey Lane and Windmill Lane junction) and could potentially hold 75 vans. Four other new sites in the borough are being considered (Eaves Green Lane- Meriden, School Road- Hockley Heath, Damson Lane- Solihull and Pleck, Shadowbrook Lane). All sites were suggested as the result of a public consultation this Summer.

David Bell

You can download the council’s document detailing the proposed sites from their website here . There is also a document on the council’s current position here.

We spoke to our Parish Councillor David Bell. He said “..the owners put forward the site as having housing potential despite it being in the green belt and that is why it is on the list. Needless to say I shall argue that it isn’t appropriate and at 4 acres isn’t needed for travellers. It also forms an important part of the Meriden gap which is at its narrowest at this point between Tile Hill and Balsall Common.”

Do you support a Gypsy/Traveller site on Waste Lane? Make your views known using the comment section below, or alternatively on the Balsall Common’s Facebook page :




Solihull land suggested for future gypsy and traveller sites
Birmingham Mail
But Balsall Common Parish Councillor Dr Peter Lea said: “If the land in Balsall Common was selected as a permanent site we would fight it to the bitter end. “It is green belt land which travellers have no right to use and develop.



  1. I lived in Balsall Common for 35 years but left to retire to Devon 10 years ago. If I was still there I would support opposition to this proposal. When the boundary changes came into effect and we were moved from Warwickshire to Solihull It was said that the Labour run councill were determined to change a charming rural village into a small town. Well it looks as if they have succeeded and now with the proposed travellers site and additional housing it looks as if they are trying to match the culture of Chelmsey Wood. I am pleased to see that Dr Lea appears to be going strong. Please give him my regards, he looked after my late wife,Val for many years.