Sport: Paddy Doyle claims more world records

Paddy Doyle on his way to his back of hands push up world record

Paddy Doyle, Balsall Common’s man of steel couldn’t resist a challenge when he successfully reclaimed one of his old push up world records taken from him by Australian arch rival Neil Bryant, with a storming feat of strength on 13th October at Staminas gym in Erdington, Birmingham. Paddy was responding to the Aussie athlete’s new benchmark of 48 press ups in one minute carrying the additional weight of a 60 lb back pack, whih he did in glorious fashion by compiling a stunning 50 repetitions.

But Paddy asn’t done yet, as after a 10 minute rest break, he was given the go ahead by the officials to attempt another Guinness World Record for the most back of hands push ups in 1 minute, this time loading his a back pack with a staggering 100 lbs, before completing 30 repetitions in 1 minute.

Not satisfied with hi night’s work he then went for a marvelous treble after another 10 minute recovery, he then attempted the most one arm push ups using only his right arm, achieving 19 repetitions under the same 100 lb payload. Unfortunatly his total count was reduced by two by eagle eyed judges, leaving an official count of 17, still enough to create a new world record.

This brought Paddy’s total of career strength speed fitness records to 235, of which 135 still stand today.

A jubilant Doyle was generous in his praise for his support team,

“I just want to thank those guys who have pushed me hard in the gym and with other aspects of our preparations, these records have been a team effort. So thank you Matthew Petrie, Carl Brown, Paul Jones, George Dyer, Nigel Perry and Graham Petrie.”

Doyle’s new career aim is to achieve 250 documented fitness endurance records, with a finale being scheduled to take place at the Leamington Spa Courier News HQ hopefully sometime in 2012.