Exorcisms and occult practices at the Railway Inn

Dress up as a zombie or a scary daffodil or something

Halloween event organisors at The Railway Inn have entered the final stages of preparations for their Halloween fancy extravaganza with the promise of a ghoulish alcoholic drinks giveaway for all partygoers who turn up to the party in fancy dress.

“We’re not sure what we’re going to put in our Halloween cocktail yet, but it’ll have plenty of alcohol in it and there’s a freebie for those who turn up in suitably spooky outfits” says event organiser Sarah Blakemore.

There’s will be a combined scary disco and terrifying karaoke at the party which kicks off at 7.30pm this Saturday (29th October). Regulars and visitors all welcome. Sort out your outfits!

Venue: Railway Inn, Station Road, Balsall Common.