Burglars in standoff with police

Three burglars are now in the cells for raiding a house in Balsall Common this afternoon at about 3.30pm.

You may have noticed road blocks and a police helicopter in the vicinity of Alder lane this evening.

The criminals were caught red handed and a standoff ensued until the final offender was talked down from the roof of a property at about 7.15pm.

Thanks to residents on Twitter for helping us to piece together the event and to West Midlands Solihull police.. we salute you !

*Update 27th September*

More details have been released by the police. The 3 miscreants arrested are all from Sheldon in Birmingham. They are charged with a number of offences including burglary and car theft from the wider area. See the west midlands police blog http://www.west-midlands.police.uk/np/solihull/news/newsitem.asp?id=5021 for names.