Berkswell Station unsatisfactory according to users

Users of the recently refurbished Berkswell railway station on Station Road in Balsall Common seem to have been pleased, mystified and annoyed with the work and subsequent service offering in roughly equal doses. The London Midland managed station has come under fire from users over ticket office opening hours (reduced to 16 hours per week since the reopening) and for the provision of a passenger shelter on Platform 1 which can only be accessed when the station is staffed.

Benedict Donnellan, a regular user of the station has complained to London Midland asking for a more consistent approach,

“The ticket office at Berkswell station is almost always closed and appears to have no regular opening hours.”

The mystified traveller is also asking London Midland to reconsider their opening hours saying,

“I feel it should be open from 10 minutes before the first train of the day until 10 minutes after the last train of the day.”

Mr Donnelly is also frustrated with the new passenger shelter on Platform 1, access to which is via button operated doors, which only work when the ticket office is staffed. The baffled Benedict has been left pondering the question,

“If the shelter is not going to be open when staff are not present why was it constructed as a separate structure?”

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