Stop HS2 campaigners launch hotline

Joe Rukin, Chair of the Kenilworth Stop HS2 campaign group and co-founder of national group ‘Stop HS2’ reports:

Stop HS2 Consultation Hotline launched as Institiute for Economic Affairs question HS2 business case

STOP HS2, the body campaigning against the proposed high speed rail link have set up a hotline for people still unsure how to respond to the HS2 consultation, which closes on Friday 29th July. This came on the same day as the Institute for Economic Affairs produced a report claiming that HS2 was a “recipe for disaster” based on “bogus assumptions” and that “the forever-embattled British taxpayer will end up footing the bill for this latest white elephant”.

Co-author of the report, IEA deputy director Dr Richard Wellings said:

“HS2 is another political vanity project – like Concorde and the Millennium Dome – being ploughed ahead with complete disregard for properly thought through commercial prospects or the mounting opposition to it. Its environmental credentials are questionable, its projected passenger figures suspect, and its proposed regenerative effects highly dubious.”

Stop HS2 Founder Joe Rukin said;

“The advocates of HS2 had a rebuttal to the IEAs findings ready for as soon as it was published, because it, like every other serious academic body which has looked into HS2 has come out saying exactly what we have been saying for the last year and a half, that there is no business case, no environmental case and no money to pay for HS2. Government and big business advocates who have thrown money at their campaign stick their fingers in their ears when studies like this come out and insist HS2 will be this great thing, but at some point they will have to start taking account of these awkward things called ‘facts’.”

On the opening of the Stop HS2 hotline on 01926 850039, Rukin said;

“The HS2 is one of the most internet-based consultations ever, but some people don’t have easy access to the internet. There are tens of thousands of people who can see the fundamental flaws of HS2, but there are still people out there who oppose the project but haven’t taken the essential step of responding to the consultation. Time is
running out and so we have taken the step of opening the hotline to help anyone who does not know what to do, it can be as simple as saying ‘no’ seven times and putting your name and postcode on a postcard.”

Penny Gaines, chair of Stop HS2 said
“If you can’t get online, you can still ring the Department for
Transport on 0300 321 1010 and ask to be sent a printed form. But if you want to use the official form you have to ask for one very soon, to allow them time to post it to you. If you’ve left it a bit late for that, please use a postcard and tell them what a bad idea HS2 is.”

Further information:

Proposed HS2 route through Balsall Common

Proposed HS2 route through Hampton in Arden

For more contact Joe Rukin on 07811 371880 or Penny Gaines on 07765 780553

The Stop HS2 helpline number is 01926 850039 and runs out of the recently opened national campaign HQ at 129-131 Warwick Rd, Kenilworth, CV8 1HY.

The public consultation on HS2 runs until 29th July. For more details, visit

People can sign the petition against HS2 at

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