Only 10 days left for public to comment on HS2

The Government’s HS2 public consultation period ends on 29 July so campaigners both for and against High Speed 2 are encouraging people to act now, before it’s too late.

Earlier today (19th July) Anti-HS2 campaigner Joe Rukin, Chair of the Kenilworth Action Group said:

“With just 10 days left for you to have your say, now would be a good time to fill out the HS2 consultation response if you haven’t already. The consultation closes on 29th July, and there’s a huge amount of information to help you. We’ve come a long way since the route was unveiled last March. Nearly all local authorities have rejected HS2 as being against the national interest and joined the “51M group” who have a website at Solihull MBC haven’t gone that far, but their support has been down-graded to “conditional support in principle” with a long list of objections.”

Joe talked us through some of the options for getting your views heard,

There’s a number of ways of submitting responses via post or online. Postal responses can be sent FREEPOST so no stamps required! You can obtain a response form by phoning 0300 321 1010, or by downloading one from our website at , but as time is now limited, people may find it easier to just write a letter. It’s also possible to offer your feedback online through the Department for Transport website at

And Joe also stressed the importance of authenticity,

“Quality of argument matters more than quantity so don’t send in the same response as someone else, we’re not encouraging a ‘cut and paste’ campaign. Also don’t respond by both letter and e-mail as your response will only count once. Don’t rush to answer – say what you mean, and mean what you say!” He further warns against possible pitfalls, “This may sound rather obvious but it’s important that you answer the seven specific questions, or the Government will ignore any supporting comments that you write against each one. Pick the topics and arguments you want and put them in your own words.”

Joe points anti-HS2 campaigners to the national action group website for help and insight and to for the local Heart of England opposition group.

Other links and further resources can be found on

General information

Send postal responses to:
High Speed Rail Consultation
PO Box 59528
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Responses must include certain minimum information –
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