Balsall Common endurance champion Paddy Doyle sets 3 more world records

The irrepressible Paddy Doyle completed 3 more strength and fitness world records last night (Monday 18th July) to take his Ultimate World Record Title Challenge to 46 records as he approaches the end of the final month of his gruelling calendar year challenge.

The Balsall Common iron man and endurance champion completed last night’s records at one of his favourite record breaking venues Stamina’s self defence boxing gym in Erdington, Birmingham as follows:

. 31 one arm push ups in 1 minute carrying 40 lb back pack beating the previous record by 5 repetitions (where the rules stipulated the use of one nominated arm only)

. 38 back of hands push ups in 1 minute under the weight of a 60 lb back pack

. 22 one arm push ups in 1 minute under the weight of a 60 lb back pack (under the use of one nominated arm only)

Paddy said of the night’s challenge,

“I started to feel tired when attempting the challenge records and I knew I could have pushed my body further if were not for the previous 11 months of blood and sweat and tears, it’s been a tough World Record Title to gain off the previous World Record Champion Paul Woodland, he has made me work hard to win this coveted official title, my hat goes off to him”.

Paddy’s final fitness challenge for his 12 month challenge is set to be a 26 mile cross country speed march carrying 60 lb back pack navigating a series of fields, footpaths, stiles, followed by a final stretch along the Grand Union Canal through the Solihull district and onwards into Birmingham.

All walkers and supporters are welcome to walk in with Paddy on the 31st July. The finishing point will be the BBC Radio & TV Studios foyer at the Mail Box Shopping Mall in Birmingham City Centre, with an estimated finishing time around 10.45am.