HS2 update: hs2.Ltd under flak after recent BC consultation

Solihull news reports on the apparent rude attitude of the HS2 LTD staff at the recent Balsall Common HS2 consultation where they called somebody a cretin for exercising his right to take photos in a public place. Unhelpfully they did not provide a link to the video. Alas, we tracked down it down only to discover that it is no more 🙁


Elsewhere, HS2.Ltd is being accused of bias in presenting HS2 as it is supposed to be neutral.



Doctor’s cretin slur posted on Youtube
High speed rail opponent, Dr Paul Thornton, was told by the woman that he could not take photos at the Balsall Common event. When the 52-year-old continued using his camera, the row escalated and she was caught on tape calling him a cretin.  

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