Balsall Common endurance champion claims 4 world records

Balsall Common resident Paddy Doyle’s continued pursuit of Paul Woodlands calendar year record of 29 speed, fitness, strength and stamina endurance world records gathered momentum last night (28th March 2011) with a flurry of 4 new world records at Staminas Gym in Erdington, Birmingham.  Iron Man Doyle brought his calendar year tally to 26 world records, leaving himself needing 4 more records between now and 31st July 2011 to claim the 30 he needs to set a new Ultimate World Record Title (UWRT) – a feat which barring mishaps – now looks eminently achievable.

Paddy’s latest records weren’t achieved without real pain and an element of doubt, as the physical toll of bunching record attempts.

“I thought my lower back and knees were not going to take any more punishment” said Paddy of his latest trial of pain.

Paddy’s records set at Staminas Gym, Erdington, Birmingham were as follows:

  • 21 squat thrust para jumps carrying 40 lb back pack in one minute. Rules stipulate that the athlete has to clear half of his body height crossing feet over two lines, and then stand up for the repetition to be counted.


  • 31 push ups carrying 45 lb back pack, pressing from a 15 inch bench in 1 minute.  Rules stipulate that feet must only be on bench.  The best of the rest from challengers on the night was Carl Brown from Solihull {boxer martial arts fighter} who achieved 21.


  • 80 alternative squat thrusts in 2 minute’s carrying 45 lb back pack.  This challenge required the athlete to clear two lines which must be half of his body height before a repetition is counted.  The feet must then clear the lines by an inch. 


  • 17 back of hands push ups in 1 minute carrying 45 lb back pack, pressing from a 15 inch high bench.