Coventry City Council unanimously oppose HS2

STOPHS2 Campaign Director Joe Rukin reports:
Coventry City Council voted unanimously to oppose the Government’s high speed rail plans known as HS2 at a meeting last week (Tuesday 7th December), making it the first council in the country not directly affected by the location of the line to take a position against the plans.

Councillors took little time to come to their decision, with cross-party co-operation meaning the ruling Labour group, along with Liberal Democrat and Socialist Councillors accepted the motion proposed by the Conservative opposition. Councillors determined that HS2 would disbenefit Coventry and other areas economically and would see investment taken away from other transport projects. They also warned that HS2 could see the filling in of the green belt, between Coventry and Kenilworth, or even the ‘Meriden Gap’, separating Coventry and Birmingham.

Proposing the motion, Councillor Nigel Lee said;

“The benefits of high speed trains are long distance one-stop travel. The problem we have is that what they are planning is a little hop.”

Councillor Anthony Blundell went on to say;

“HS2 would relegate Coventry to little more than a backwater. We would end up with all of the disadvantages and none of benefits. I believe that a better solution is upgrading the current rail network. Development of HS2 would see the removal of the green belt and new developments could no longer be opposed on environmental grounds.”

Council Leader John Mutton said;

“I was recently asked and refused to sign a letter to the Secretary of State supporting HS2. Business leaders agree that Coventry and Warwickshire will receive little benefit and HS2 will have a detrimental effect on the regeneration of our City Centre.”

Joe Rukin, Campaign Director of STOPHS2 said;

“It’s great news that Coventry has taken this step. Other local authorities have to realise that HS2 will be of detriment to them, and even those places which get a station must realise that all HS2 will do is deliver benefits to London and take up the lions share of the transport budget for decades to come.”

“HS2 does not go through Coventry, but councillors have realised that the city will lose out by HS2 being built. This completely discredits Philip Hammonds assertion that HS2 will benefit the regions and address the North-South divide.”

“Coventry will lose current train services if HS2 is built, and the money the City needs to improve public transport, building three new stations across Coventry and Warwickshire to connect Nuneaton, Coventry, Kenilworth and Leamington will not be forthcoming because HS2 will hog the rail infrastructure budget in the future. This will mean that improvements to local services which will benefit far more people across the country will not happen as there will be no money for it.”


  1. The MP for Warwick and Leamington Chris White has just announced hi opposition to HS2 on Twitter as follows:

    chrismfwhite 6:17pm
    Have today announced my intention to oppose the Government on #HS2 – see for more