11 year old caught up in censorship storm

Mills Newsagents has been attacked in the Solihull News by an irate father for refusing to sell his 11-year-old son a tabloid newspaper. Heart of England pupil Harvey Hicks tried to purchase a copy of The Sun for his grandparents at the shop in the village centre on Station Road but was told by the shop assistant that he had to be 18-years-old to purchase it.

Mills defended the decision given the difficult legal and moral ground they occupy trying to satisfy the concerns of different groups including the Heart of England School, which they say has complained before about publications brought into school after shopping trips in the village.

Go to the Newsagent puts the block on the sun article at the Solihull News website to see more.


  1. Bring back Colin Whale !!!!! to much fresh air gone to there heads i use to be a paper boy there with Bone lemon etc if they knew what we did they would have shut the village down ha ha ha ! grow up div’s you dont have to be 18 to watch the news!!!!!! Wileycat was ere!!