Graffiti workshop and live music comes to Balsall youth

Editorial note added 29th October at 14:50 – since this article was first published the venue has been changed to St Peter’s Church – something to do with the tub-thumping anti-rail eco-warriors refusing to vacate the Jubilee Centre we expect [unconfirmed wild speculation].

Word is out that a youth event including graffiti workshop and live music event is coming to Balsall Common this Saturday (30th October) at the Jubilee Centre on Station Road. The event is the creation of the local Joint Youth Project and aims to draw in large numbers of youths from both inside and outside the existing group as organiser Helen Dawes explains,

“This follows on from a successful event back in January, this time we have a bucking bronco, graffiti workshop, live band, pool, table tennis and more, but this event can only be
successful with plenty of adult help so we’re on the lookout for volunteers. The success of previous events such as the previous Youth Festival and the ‘Rock’ reopening night, has very much been down to volunteers giving up their time to support the event.”

The event runs from 4pm until 7pm and prospective helpers should contact Helen Dawes on the contact details below.


Helen Dawes is a Youth Worker with the Joint Youth Project, a joint venture between St Peter’s Church, St Mary & St Bartholomew’s Church, Hampton-in-Arden and St Swithin’s Church in Barston.
Office: Youth Office, St Peter’s Church, Holly Lane CV7 7EA
Phone: 07500 836949