Police: serious warning to Balsall Common residents about gang crime

West Midlands Police

Criminal gangs are plotting different ways of getting motorists, especially women, to stop and get out of their vehicles. One of the latest developments is for gangs to place a children’s car seat on the roadside or pavement, often near wooded or grassy land, with a fake baby in it. This is a growing method for luring motorists into a vulnerable situation where they can be attacked, beaten, robbed and in some cases, raped and left for dead. A local resident reported a sighting like this to Police only recently. Their advice was,


Police are so concerned about this ploy that they are encouraging motorists to report any and all similar sightings immediately by dialling 999, whilst advising under no circumstances should anybody stop their car to investigate, or even slow down.

This is just one of many new such ploys being used by criminals, another is for eggs to be thrown at car windows. The eggs, sometimes mixed with other ingredients are designed to reduce visibility, sometimes almost completely, to force motorists to pull over and become a victim. Any motorist who experiences such an incident is advised to do whatever they can to keep moving.

Police are encouraging everybody to spread the word to as many friends and family as possible.