Residents warned following recent spike in Solihull car crime

West Midlands Police are advising residents to be vigilant in light of the recent spike in car crime in the Solihull area. As this type of crime can be both violent and opportunistic Police have issued the following security and personal safety checklist today:

• Always keep your windows and doors locked

• Make sure you keep your car keys out of view (both at home or when you are out and about)

• Ensure when you keys are in the home they are not within reach (or view) and cannot be “fished” from letterboxes or windows

• In the case of violent criminals remember it is the car keys they want so when you’re at home at night leave your keys downstairs, do not take them with you when you retire to bed. It’s the keys they want not you but if you get in their way you could get hurt

• If you have a garage, use it, always make sure the car is parked in it overnight

• Use a good home security system

• Invest in a tracking device so if your car is stolen it stands a better chance of being traced. If your car is fitted with a tracking device, activate it every time.

• Use your common sense and do not put yourself in danger – a car can be replaced

• Be alert when you are outside – consider who is around you and where your keys are

• Before getting out of your car, check your surroundings – wherever you are. If you feel uneasy do not park, drive off

• Report any suspicious activity or interest in these types of cars to the police

West Midlands Police have also produced a series of instructive videos, which they’ve published on You Tube:

Car jacking and key theft, including information about deliberate crash ruses:

Car key crime risk, highlighting risks loading and unloading the vehicle and security in the home:

Car crime, momentary lapses in concentration (shopping, parking, filling up at the petrol station):

Tackling car crime – what you can do to reduce the risk:

If you have been a victim of car crime, or any other crime, and need basic help and advice about what to do, call the west-midlands police pre-recorded advice line on 0121 626 6663.