Sainsbury’s apply for 24/7 operation in Balsall Common

Sainsbury’s have submitted a planning application to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week at their new premises in Balsall Common, with permisssion to sell alcohol from 6am to midnight every day.

The new Sainsbury’s operation – construction of which has temporarily halted while Sainsbury’s and their new contractors review their plans – is to be constructed on the old Chattaways site at 213-219 Station Road.

BalsallCom.Com would be interested to hear readers views on the extended opening hours and the application to sell alcohol every day from 6am to midnight. Email us via or comment on our forums.

Residents interested in this planning application should be aware it is on the agenda for review at a special Balsall Parish Council planning review on Monday 14 June 2010. The meeting is scheduled for 7pm in the side room at St Peter’s Hall and is open to members of the public – the Chairman will be inviting comments from attendees.