25/06/09 – New medical centre for Balsall Common approved

David Felthouse of the Balsall Common Residents association has informed us that the new Medical Centre for Balsall Common has been approved by Solihull council (SMBC).

The Balsall Common surgery on Meeting House Lane

[Pictured – The existing surgery on Meeting House Lane]

David Felthouse writes,

“Over the past two weeks, I am sure that you will have seen the lively debate that has taken place, in the local press, about the plans for the new Medical Centre. There will be fuller details in the next issue of the newsletter, which is due out in a few days time. But I thought that you would like the news “hot off the press” that, last night, the planning application was put before the SMBC Planning Committee and the members of the committee were unanimous (9 to 0) in approving it. This is not the end of the story as the application now has to be referred to the West Midland Government Office for final approval. Nevertheless, a major hurdle has been cleared and we are well on the way to getting the medical facilities that we so desperately need (and deserve).”