22/05/2009 – West Midlands Ghost Club

The West Midlands Ghost club celebrates its’ 20th anniversary year this year and members are keen to hear from anyone who has suspicions of supernatural activity.

West Midlands Ghost Club

Deborah Green of Balsall Common writes,

“I would like to hear from people who believe that they have had a paranormal experience in the Balsall Common area, Meriden, Kenilworth and surrounding areas. I deal with these villages and as a group we’re on the lookout for sites for future investigations. There is NO COST to interested parties at any any stage of the process.

All information received will be treated with utmost discretion if required.

Please contact me on my email at deborahjayneg@btinternet.com

No time wasters or hoaxers please.
Deborah Green.”

About the West Midlands Ghost Club

The West Midlands Ghost Club was originally established in 1989 – though initially under a different name – which was subsequently changed to our current title in 1991. Our small research group – a necessary mix of sceptics and believers – stands as the oldest, extant investigative group in the Midlands area.

What tends to set the W.M.G.C. apart from most other (self-professed) ghost societies, is the simple fact that our investigations are purposefully carried out in a purely ‘objective’, no-nonsense manner….. casting off all of the unnecessary, blatant chicanery, ‘New Age’ bunkum and pseudo-scientific trappings that appear to have become the trade mark of late 20th / early 21st Century investigator.

While group membership consists of a necessary mix of both ‘sceptic’ and ‘believer’, the W.M.G.C. constantly strives to promote an ‘impartial’ standpoint for the sake of true investigation, which – by definition – has to remain undogmatic and neutral.

Unlike most other societies, the W.M.G..C. does not run to a ‘biased agenda’: we have no interest in either proving the existence of the paranormal, or disproving it. In the field, our research work is mainly based on observation and impartial study – consisting of audio / visual recordings, manned ‘vigil’ sessions and attention to environmental factors. The group has no interest in blindly adhering to cultural motifs or simple, social conditioning when it comes to addressing potentially paranormal situations.

The W.M.G.C. do not endorse the use of psychic/mediumistic types in investigative situations.

Unlike most other groups, we do not make false claims in professing to be able to ‘alter’ a haunted situation in any way, shape or form. The groups motivation and intentions are refreshingly honest and purely research based. We are not interested in attempting to falsely prove that we have any form of ‘insider knowledge’ or ‘special powers’.

Within recent years, our members have taken part in excess of 100 investigations at a variety of different sites, including:

    Warwick Castle (*The WMGC being the only independent research group to have been allowed such access)
    The Great Hall – Birmingham University
    Sandwell Council Training and Development Centre – Oldbury
    St. Mary’s Medieval Guildhall, Coventry
    Weston Park Hall, Shropshire
    The Brew House Theatre, Burton On Trent
    Belgrave Hall, Leicester
    The Littleton Academy of Dance, Wednesbury
    Horsehay Railway Museum, Nr. Telford
    Whitefriars Museum, Coventry
    The Lunt Roman Fort, Baginton
    Wolverhampton Civic Hall
    Madam Clarkes Coffee House, Wolverhampton
    Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire
    Maws Craft Centre, Ironbridge
    Galleries of Justice, Nottingham
    The Garrick Theatre, Lichfield
    Alcester Town Hall – Warwickshire
    Tamworth Assembly Rooms – Staffordshire

Not just an investigative society, our members have constantly been called upon for technical/background advice by both mainstream and independent T.V. and film companies. (For example: ‘B.B.C. T..V.’; ‘Central T.V.’; ‘Channel 4’; ‘Carlton T.V.’; Polish Television – ‘T.V.N.’ and ‘I.T.V’. Carey Street Productions [London]; ‘Thames Television’; ‘Children’s .B.B.C.’; Residual Films [Birmingham]; the ‘Shoal’ Television Company; ‘Princess Productions’, the ‘Scream Team’ related ‘Making Time T.V.’, Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’ and also the ‘Derek Acorah’s – Ghost Towns’ programme).

October 2000 saw members of the group take part in the B.B.C. documentary: ‘Midlands Report – Ghosts’, filmed at Belgrave Hall in Leicester . (Broadcast Jan. 18th 2001). Also, in January 2006, the W.M.G.C. were filmed for inclusion in an episode of the ‘Central-Extra’ documentary series. (Broadcast Jan 10th 2006).

During 2004, the group provided background material for the popular ‘Haunted Walsall’ display, which ran at the Town Museum for approximately 6 months. October (04) saw the W.M.G.C. collaborating with The Mander Centre and Wolf F.M. radio station for a ‘Live Halloween Show’, broadcast from a number of allegedly haunted sites around Wolverhampton City Centre. In early 2005 the group was specifically approached to undertake a series of investigations in the Burton On Trent area – on behalf of the popular ‘Burton Ghost Walk’ – while later the same year, we organised a ‘sponsored’ ghost hunt in Coventry City Centre which raised almost £500 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

To date, we have over 150 newspaper and magazine articles in print concerning group activities and members have been featured many times on a variety of local / national radio programmes. (I.e. ‘B.B.C. Radio Stoke’; ‘B.B.C. Radio Coventry’; ‘B.B.C. Radio WM’; B.B.C. Radio Shropshire; ‘Kerrang Radio’; SAGA Radio; ‘B.R.M.B. Radio’; ‘Beacon F.M.’; Wolf F.M. Radio; ‘B.B.C. Radio 5 – Live’ and ‘Walsall Hospital Radio’).