08/08/08 – Balsall Common Residents Association newsflash on card cloning

Dear Residents This newsflash is to make you aware that there has been a severe outbreak of credit and debit card cloning, centred on the village. I have been informed that well over 40 people have been affected. There are rumours as to where the cloning could have occurred, but clearly the Laws of Liable preclude me from stating the possible locations. What I can do is remind you of the basic precautions that you should take when using your card.

1 Do not let it out it out of your sight. If, for example, in a restaurant they do not have a hand held terminal to bring to your table, take your card to the till. Don’t leave it as a “tab security” in a pub.

2 Where ever possible insert and remove the card yourself.

3 Be suspicious if the assistant fumbles or drops your card.

4 When keying in your PIN don’t be embarrassed to cover the key pad so that the assistant, others in the queue and CCTV cameras cannot see. This is also important when using Cash Dispensing machines.

5 When using a Cash Dispensing machine be suspicious of anything that looks out of the ordinary. Don’t use it and report your suspicions straight away.

6 Always take your receipts and cash slips and dispose of them safely.

7 Keep a record of your card use and check your statements immediately on receipt and notify your card company of any spurious transactions.

I would also like to take the opportunity to correct an omission in the July Newsletter and to make you aware of a proposed road closure.


In the minute for item 6 of the RA meeting held on 1st July 2008, under the Airport Report, it stated that a copy of David Deanshaw’s letter to the Birmingham Post was attached. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. A copy is attached to this email.

Road Closure.

Email from: Edward Bradford

Traffic and Transportation

Community Services

I have received notification from Coventry City Council that they propose to close Duggins Lane between Station Avenue and the city boundary from 7.00am on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 for approximately two weeks to allow carriageway resurfacing works to be undertaken safely.

The diversion route for the temporary closure is Duggins Lane, Spencers Lane, Tanners Lane and Station Avenue. Part of this diversion route is Solihull.


David Felthouse