27/06/06 – Man assaults pensioner in Berkswell

Martin writes,
“Police in Solihull are investigating an assault on a 73 year old pensioner and his daughter during a house warming and birthday party at Hodgetts Lane Berkswell.

The incident occurred following a 10 minute firework display when an unknown man entered the premises waving his fists and shouting profanities in front of guests and small children.

Whilst attempting to placate the irate man Miss Burnett, who was celebrating her Birthday, was struck in the shoulder and chest. Her father, aged 73, appealed to the man not to touch his daughter and was also attacked. The assailant knocked Mr Burnett across a table occupied by young children, breaking glassware and scattering plates.

Two party guests, both Aston Martin Lagonda employees, restrained the attacker and escorted him from the premises while the police were called.

The family who have recently moved into the area are extremely distressed, especially as they consulted with neighbours prior to the event to ensure they were aware of the celebrations. Apologies for the disturbance were expressed during the assault but were ignored by the assailant who hurled a string of profanities and threats at Miss Burnett.

The display itself, performed by a professional organisation lasted less than 10 minutes between 10:35 and 10:45

Mr Burnett is understood to have suffered injury to his lower back and is currently recovering at his home in Knowle.

A local man has turned himself over to Solihull Police and investigations are ongoing.