04/07/06 – Balsall’s Paddy Doyle smashes more endurance World Records

Iron man Paddy Doyle is celebrating again after smashing four endurance world records at the Erin Ca Bragh Sports & Social Centre in Erdington 02 July 2006.

[Pictured – Paddy Doyle presented with confirmation of his previous world record at Brindley Place, Birmingham 27 February 2006]

Paddy trained hard to reclaim a group of timed sit-up records taken by American athlete James Clark. And his plan to make the records harder to take away in future met with success as he obliterated all 4 standards, each of which required a 50lb weight to be held at chest level.

Doyle’s sit-up challenges were held in sequence against the clock over periods of 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes and he achieved 211 (eclipsing 174), 351 (322), 501 (452) and 932 (839).

Paddy’s career tally of Course, Regional, National, British, European and World Fitness Endurance records now stands at 139.”