01/06/06 – Paddy Doyle the brains behind new World Record Organisation

Balsall Common resident and world record expert Paddy Doyle is the brains behind a new World Record Association dedicated to ratifying sports only related records. The International Record Holders Association will record and recognise sports records at British, European and World levels across a range of age categories from 16 to 60.

[Paddy Doyle presented with confirmation of his most recent world record 27 February 2006]

Plans for the new organisation also include an annual World Record Challenge Games where competitors will be invited to set new or challenge existing physical fitness records in front of supporters, family, friends and national media.

Adjudicator-in-chief will be serial record breaker Paddy Doyle, whom has broken a total of 135 Course, Regional, National, British, European and World fitness records, 82 of which are still current.

The Association wants to encourage individuals, schools, colleges, youth groups and overseas military to set or break records. To learn more about entry requirements, rules and regulations, or to submit ideas, email the World Record Team via pdoyle125@yahoo.co.uk

Suggestions for new records must have public appeal and be of widespread interest to sports fans.