30/05/06 – University of the 3rd Age seeks foothold in Balsall Common

The University of the the 3rd Age (U3A) is a worldwide movement encouraging older people in the ‘third age’ of life to take up or continue educational and other interests in locally based co-operative support groups.

Interested in the potential rewards a small number of Balsall Common residents are exploring the feasibility of establishing a group in Balsall Common.

Anne Santos, Chairman of the Balsall Common Village Residents Association says,

“I was approached and asked to look into the possibility of starting a Balsall Common Group, the aim being to cater for a wide range of interests by inviting different guest speakers to monthly meetings, with further member run sub-group meetings between.”

For those with concerns over entry requirements Anne is keen to quash any fears emphasising that access is completely open.

“No qualifications are required to join – and no qualifications or degrees awarded. The U3A does not specify any minimum age for membership and is a unique educational self-help co-operative.”

The monthly meetings would take place on afternoons with a speaker, then sub-groups run by members might meet weekly or monthly in a suitable venue.”

Anne is keen to establish the level of interest in the area with a view to holding a meeting and appointing a steering committee.

Anyone interested in joining or wishing to know more about U3A and what it entails can email Anne on tideswell.house@virgin.net or call on 01676 534003.