17/05/06 – Paddy Doyle begins assault on more World Records

As if breaking 135 National, European and World records at different levels since 1987 wasn’t sufficient, Balsall Common’s Paddy Doyle is planning 2 more world record challenges in 12 months of tough endurance events.

Doyle is aiming to be selected again to represent Great Britain at the World Record Games in Germany and the World Record Challenge Games in the USA. Paddy is already in heavy training entering ‘ultra’ hill and mountain races against fell runners and endurance athletes to produce the fitness levels required for his two record challenges.

[Paddy Doyle presented with confirmation of his most recent world record 27 February 2006]

Paddy’s first world record challenge will be a five hour non-stop event where he will attempt to complete the maximum possible repetitions and distances in hour long sections in the following disciplines:

  • versa climber machine carrying 40 lb back pack
  • cycling
  • rowing
  • treadmill run carrying 40 lb back pack
  • 25 metre shuttle runs carrying 40 lb back pack
  • This record challenge will be followed some months later by an assault on the 10 hour non-stop endurance record including the following 1 hour sections:

  • weightlifting
  • cross-trainer
  • rowing
  • sit up crunches
  • step ups carrying 30 lb dumbells
  • treadmill speed march run
  • hanging leg lifts
  • swimming
  • star jumps
  • cycling
  • Of the 135 records Paddy has broken since 1987, a remarkable number of 82 are still current. And since becoming something of an expert in breaking records Paddy has taken it upon himself to put his knowledge of record breaking to full use by launching his own equivalent of the Guinness Book of World Records. Details of Paddy’s new organisation, currently in the advanced stages of development will be published here soon.