03/04/06 – Police increase visibility in Balsall Common with new service

CraigyB writes,

“Today marks the launch of the new Neighbourhood Policing Strategy from West Midlands Police. The new service sees the introduction of a dedicated Neighbourhood Policing Team serving Balsall Common, Hampton-in-Arden and Meriden. The new strategy follows a long running consultation period and promises increased visibility and improved response times.

Our local team is led by Seargent Mel King and includes 6 Police Constables, 7 Special Constables, with the possibility of Community Support Officers to follow.

To find out more about this new service visit our Residents Association newsletter page and download the March 2006 edition. Just follow the link below:

BCVRA Newsletter downloads.”


  1. I was at a meeting with west midlands police and local residents from balsall common last week and was
    told that the police station in the village was to stay at least another 3 yrs or so.