09/03/06 – Birmingham Airport to get 10 mile long runway

CraigyB writes,

The main reason for the Birmingham Airport expansion plans is Iranian pilots.

You see, Iranian pilots, accustomed as they are to landing more or less anywhere, for example in amongst fields of sheep and stuff, have caused a major government rethink after one of their pilots tried to land a 200-plus seater Boeing in a field near Fen End.

The BIA expansion plans will now form phase 1 of a project to increase all UK runways to a minimum length of 10 miles. These kingsize runways will be covered in Iranian flags to make errant pilots feel more at home but more importantly to encourage them to land where they’re supposed to.

An eyewitness to the recent Boeing ‘incident’ described how he saw the Iranian aircraft coming in to land a full 6 miles from Birmingham International Airport.

“I swear if he’d waited to go back into a climb 2 seconds later he would have hit something – he was that low!”

The same guy described how in his opinion the aircraft was somewhere between 150 to 200 ft high over Meer End, right next to Balsall Common.

Others described how they could see tyre treads on the lowered landing gear.

These views are supported in an article by David Ellis at the Balsall Common Residents Association website. He states that official reports putting the aircraft at 600 feet are actually describing height above sea level. According to Dave’s article this put the aircraft a mere 177ft from the ground and a near major disaster.”