05/01/06 – Paddy Doyle to attempt new World Record

[This article has been edited 08/01/05 to incorporate a change of event location from Solihull to Birmingham]

The next 12 months is destined to be the toughest yet for Balsall Common’s official World Fittest Athlete Champion Paddy Doyle. The endurance Champion is preparing for another demanding physical fitness record attempt on Monday 27 February 2006 at the Living Well Club at Brindley Place, Broad Street, Birmingham.

Doyle is aiming to break a multi-disciplined endurance event record currently held by USA’s Rob Powell. Doyle has to beat the following physical fitness exercises in side the current official time of 18 hours 15 minutes & 2 seconds.

The gruelling event comprises the following disciplines:

  • 2 mile swim
  • 20 mile elliptical walker
  • 10 mile speed march
  • 500 star jumps
  • 10 mile run
  • 100 mile cycle
  • 500 hip flexors
  • 3000 sit up crunches
  • 20 mile row
  • weightlifting, lift 300,000 lb with various lifts
  • Paddy successfully broke a similar record also held by Rob Powell in February 2005, but competing over lesser distances and fewer repetitions

    Doyle, aged 40 is in no mood to consider giving up on his record-breaking exploits having recently learned of a new arch rival chasing his overall titles and records tally which presently stands at 134. American athlete Ashrita Furman has amassed 90 records during his assault on Paddy’s 6 year reign as world number 1 record holder. And health permitting, Paddy intends to keep his cross-Atlantic foe at bay for a while longer yet.

    Paddy has also been asked to represent Great Britain at the World Record Federation Challenge Games “USA” in July 2006. He expects a tough challenge, travelling without a support team of his own instead relying on a coach appointed by his hosts and where the supporters will be all American. Paddy has proven he deal with tough conditions before and his ability to adapt to any environment should equip him well for the challenge.

    A number of World Record Authorities recognise Paddy Doyles Records & Titles. Details can be found at the following sites:


    Since 1990 to 2005 he has had 32 entries and re entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.


    Paddy Doyle recently released an inspiring life affirming DVD detailing the ups and downs of his life and his gruelling record breaking training schedule.
    Details can be found at BalsallCom.Com’s article Balsall’s multiple World Record Breaker hits the Screen!