19/12/05 – BalsallCom.Com’s Christmas Challenge to the George in the Tree

CraigyB writes,
“The Christmas Eve disco at the George in the Tree is a ticket only event and tickets must be obtained in advance. The cost is a round pound per ticket.

It all sounds rather exciting but we’re not going overboard just yet. Recent reconnaisance suggests there are some issues that need ironing out before the big night. Take the sloth-like bar service for example. Getting served in the George is akin to getting banged up for an offence you didn’t commit, you feel let down by the system, hung out to dry. A good night out in a pub requires a speedy booze delivery system. This place doesn’t have one. The polite way of describing the current system is ‘poo’.

So how did we learn this? Well, we conducted a couple of ‘kind of’ mystery customer visits and our chief finding was that we were mystified by the mysterious bar service. On both occasions, it was quiet and the immense bar waiting times appeared to have no cause whatsoever, yet they existed.

And we detected additional potential banana skins relating to the forthcoming Christmas Eve event. For example it was immediately obvious that without some decent planning the George will struggle to serve boozes adequately if they get a full house. You see, the main bar has only 2 tills and as already revealed, the place (much like the White Horse) suffers from an extraordinary inability to dispense boozes at a decent speed even on a quiet night. Our recent ‘near-death, nearly died of thirst experience’ caused by lengthy delays dealt a crushing blow to our excitement about the event.

Interestingly during our investigation we heard a rumour that management plan to have a mere four barstaff on Christmas Eve. From what we’ve learned from doing the rounds this could prove to be a mistake. Word is spreading that by ‘springing’ their ‘disco’ trump card the George will attract many punters who’ve been filling the Saracens Head to capacity in recent years.

If the management shift large numbers of tickets, they need to solve some of their logistical issues and replace their sloth-like serving techniques with something more dynamic. Let’s hope they don’t plump for the easy option of doing nothing and ruining everybody’s night out.

So here’s our challenge to the George in the Tree. Use the feedback to get it right on the night, we challenge you not to let people down.”