28/11/05 – Tipperary Pub and Cottage

nck1 writes,
“Having read the local weblink to the Tipperary Pubic House and the nearby Tipperary Cottage history, I`m not sure the facts are correct!

The cottage was owned by an elderly gentile man by the first name of Charlie, whom passed away in 1988 or there abouts, aged 70/80 years of age!.

Having spent the odd moment in his company at his home, I recall him saying “he had lived their all of his life”.

So the dates with Harry Wiliams living there are somewhat questionable based on words from the horses mouth.

I was led to believe that Harry Williams stayed at his brothers Inn, the Plough, the place we now know as the Tipperary!

I`ll let you know more, but it would be great if the local historian guys can help me on this one.

Heritage and facts about our village need to be correct as it’s our history in the making.”