25/11/05 – Railway Rodbenders storm battle of the Balsall Boozebars!

Fishing Result:

Railway (Inn) Rodbenders – 2lb 12 oz
Royal British Legion – 1 lb
Brickmakers Arms – Did not weigh [fishing code for caught no fish – Ed]

Icebreakers save shortened fishing contest

The Railway Inn came out on top in Sunday’s battle of the Balsall boozebars on a frozen lake in sub-zero conditions.

The 10 a-side, 3-way contest between the Railway Inn, Brickmakers Arms and Royal British Legion was nearly scrapped at one stagebecause Lavender Hall Lane Fisheries Lakes were frozen over.

But determined fishermen set about breaking the surface ice in a bid to enable the contest to go ahead.

The fishermen began bashing holes adjacent to each fishing peg (station) and even launched a boat which they used as an icebreaker.

The sides drew pegs (i.e. drew lots to see where each fisherman would be stationed) at 8am and commenced fishing 9am.

The all important draw should have disadvataged the Railway as a number of them had a poor draw and they had fielded the smallest team (with 8 men). With their backs to the sun they found their carefully bashed out holes in the ice freezing over and disrupting their attempts to lure marine life.

The Brickmakers Arms, fielding a 10-strong team including a number of experienced fishermen caught a sum total of no fish whatsoever during the 3 hour contest.