18/07/05 – £250 to park in Balsall Village Centre

CraigyB writes,

Following comments in our discussion forum about car clamping in the village we contacted Balsall Village Residents Association to see what they knew. Here’s what they had to say:

“Be aware the car park at Partco including the co-op loading area is now on a 24 hour clamping procedure for all types of vehicles at £245 charge iftowed away with an additional credit card facility of £5. Although the [warning] notices are small they comply with all the regulations. It would be helpful to pass this message round.

I understand the reason given is the owners of Partco are currently selling and are tired of showing prospective buyers round and having to explain a full car park.”

The Association have already contacted all the local free papers to spread the word and help raise public awareness.”