neil writes “Tuesday 03 May 2005 saw the Balsall Common Resident’s association meeting which discussed current concerns of residents – many of which appear in the BalsallCom.Com forums … click read more to read minutes….
BALSALL COMMON VILLAGE RESIDENTS ASSOCIATIONMinutes of Committee meeting held on Tuesday 03 May 2005Present: Santos (in Chair) Westlake, Lea, Hatton, Ellis, Douglas & Deanshaw, plus 3 members of the public

The Chairman opened the meeting by thanking Gill and Judy for their contribution at the AGM and Alan for the excellent publicity he erected in the village.

1. Apologies – none

2. Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed, the minutes of the AGM were also initialled.

3. Matters arising:

A good attendance with Cllr Diana Holl-Allen as the speaker. Unfortunately insufficient time did not permit many questions.
Speed Watch

Relating to a proposed initiative to monitor speeding in the village – it was decided to leave this matter until responses from both Parish Councils, and SMBC Casualty Reduction Partnership were available.
Mills Newsagents

In order to give them time to re-organise and train staff this matter was put forward to the October agenda.

A letter from Mr. Lowe a resident to the Co-op Head Office was read out ? the matter being an environmental issue will be dealt with by Glyn Price.

4. Correspondence: Circulars and Community Newsletter..

5. Treasurer?s Report: Income from raffle at AGM £23.50

6. Reports:
Environmental Issues:

Glyn P dealt with the need to focus on litter, dog fouling, weeds etc his first survey of the village with the Chairman and Patch Manager was scheduled for the next day. Members of the committee raised the following points for Glyn’s attention.
·Vandalism on A452 McCarthy & Stone (McC&S) April 30th and is there adequate CCTV coverage. Is the existing coverage monitored.
·The litter bin outside the White Horse had not been replaced.
·Query on alcohol Free Zone.
·Concern – rubbish rear of shops and footpath adjacent to Bookmakers
·Too many road signs in village approach ( 76 in village). clarification.
Traffic Calming: Rod H has agreed to take on these issues. The following were discussed.
· Lincoln Farm Kenilworth Road ? concern has been expressed on lorries turning at the gap. It was decided to wait the result of cabinet Paper on this matter.
·Chevron parking in village centre ? concern has been expressed on safety issues and parking difficulties in view of increase in number of large sided vehicles. A remedy for flooding and the possibility of wider spaces was mentioned.
Making contact: Glyn and Rod would look into any concerns residents have on Environment and Traffic Calming if expressed via email ? residents.association@virgin.net
Publicity: Judy would approach free papers with issues raised by GP & RH
Airport: Dave E reported that the agreement in respect of the night flight
quota was to end October 2005. There was the possibility of an aircraft noise monitor being placed in the village for period to test noise levels. DE would attend a meeting re the Master Plan May 25th. An invitation to Committee members would be arranged.
Balsall Parish Council: Judy L reported on the recent police presentation. The AGM is at Temple Balsall May 16th 7.00.
Village Hall: Quotations are being obtained for car park re-surfacing and kitchen refurbishment. Bible read will raise £10K.
Communication ? Anne S expressed concerned that minutes, whilst adequate for committee members could appear too short and cryptic when read in the library etc. AS will expand for placement on notice board and Balsall Common website and other.
Balsall Parish Plan: There was no progress to report. The RA Chairman and Vice-Chairman had resigned from the Steering Committee.
Berkswell Parish Plan: ? 60 responses from 1400 delivered. Chairman of Berkswell Society concerned at low response.
Patch Manager: had sent her apologies for absence.7.Village matters:
Policing: ? no response as yet to last letter.
Disabled access to shops ? letter from a resident pointed out the total lack of wheelchair access to any of the local shops. This matter was passed to Judy L as a committee member and Parish Councillor for action.
Speakers: deferred to next meeting ? Cllr David Bell is scheduled for July.
Neighbourhood Watch: ? Mrs Pat Jacques of Needlers End Lane will adopt for her area. Details to be obtained from Cedric Lea ? JL to assist and supply. Mrs Jacques was invited to join the committee and agreed to do so and was welcomed by Chair and members.
8.Windmill re-opening ? There was no attendance from the RA.9. Any Other Business- date for wheelie bins for green waste will be
June to all those who currently have a Friday collection.

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm