15/02/05 – Balsall Common Village Residents Association

The Balsall Common Residents Association meet once a month to review local issues and forge plans for the benefit of the community.

Issues covered by this group in recent months include:

Birmingham International Airport expansion plans; anti-social behaviour; speeding; parking; litter; Mills newsagents; the Co-op; The ‘Village Plan’ project and many more.

All residents are welcome to attend these monthly meetings. The next meeting will be held in the Committee Room at the rear of the Village Hall on 1st March 2005 at 7.30pm.

Minutes of the last meeting (provided by Anne Santos, Association Chair) follow:

Minutes of Committee meeting held on Tuesday 1st February 2005

Present: Santos (in chair), Westlake, Lea, Hatton, Ellis, Deanshaw plus 3 members of the public

1. Apologies Glyn Price & Patch Manager

2. Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed

3. Matters arising

a). Mills – AS & DD to meet
b). Co-op DD read out the latest letter – agreed leave one month for developments then consider publicity
c). all other matters deferred to next meeting

4. Treasurer’s Report – no change

5. Correspondence – SMBC consultation re Lant Trust playing field – new pavilion – no objection in principle, but question whether changing rooms on first flood are appropriate

6. Airport – reports deferred to next meeting

7. Village matters

a). litter in Station Road – subject to email AS to PM – PM to adopt
b). parking in MHL – subject of email AS to PM – PM to adopt
c). Village Plan DD to copy Berkswell Society item to committee
d). Village hall sponsorship – DD reading @ VH Saturday 10.00
e). Berkswell Society AGM – March 21st – noted
f). village walk with PM – date March 2nd 10.00 meet committee room

8. AOB

DE asked whether access point to McCarthy & Stone development has been changed – PM to adopt.
RH underpass still closed – concern re signage – is one obscuring another? – PM to adopt – who should be contacted?.

9. Guest Speaker

Alan Garnett a senior Coventry Magistrate gave an interesting talk covering the history, structure and current responsibilities. He gave a fascinating insight into the type of problems faced by both offenders and those who sit in judgement.

10. Next meeting March 1st 2005. Topics to include Parish/Village Plan and Airport developments

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm