15/12/04 – Balsall Common Residents Association

Submitted by Ann Santos chair of the Balsall Common Resident’s Association, thanks Ann! Details of Balsall Common Residents Association’s most recent meeting.

Discussion included the Airport compensation scheme, telephone masts, proposals for a new clubhouse at the Meeting House Lane clubhouse, read on for minutes of the meeting:


Minutes of Committee meeting held on Tuesday 7th December 2004

Present: Messrs. Santos (chair), Lea, Westlake, Douglas, Hatton, Ellis, Deanshaw plus Patch Manager & Jackie Tomnie (VH)

1. Apologies Price, Wood

2. Minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed

3. Matters arising none

4. Treasurer’s Report – deferred

5. Correspondence:
– MSS views submitted
– Police shop – reply awaited
– Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) Leisure options noted
– SMBC Council Plan – JL to review and report back
– Airport compensation scheme – objection submitted
– LSP Forum – GP / DD to attend
– Lavender hall Park trees – noted and supported
– Station car park extension – PM to adopt
– Green Bags / recycling – reply received
– Mills – reply received – review after Christmas but 2 points to make formerly 4 pay stations now down to 3, Daily Telegraph shortage ( Saturdays)
– Co-op reply received and plans reviewed – Secy to seek clarification re no access door on Kenilworth road, new footpath too narrow. Also complain BPC re no comment.
– Village Hall – agreed to write and suggest extension and improvements to committee room

5. SMBC Telecommunication Mast Report – no health hazard if applications – within certain guidelines – see website.

6. Village matters:
– Wheel wash – no condition – DD to write to SMBC / PM to support
– Notice Board – material to be reviewed by AS
– Lant Trust clubhouse – new design to be submitted
– Zebra crossing – supported – mention to Co-op in correspondence
– Logo – 3 sketches completed
– Berkswell Greenway – AS now on committee
– Berkswell Parish Council – Parish Plan to be done by Berkswell Society
– Balsall PC – meet next week
– Airport – DE to attend next meeting
– Village Hall – sponsored Bible reading planned for February

8. Community:
– Bollards – in hand
– Shrub planting MHL – started gap provided for mower
– NatWest – improved situation
– Stop sign Library – costing in hand
– Pavement adjacent Chemist – villager to make contract directly, DD to write to SMBC to complain
– Lions Christmas lights – SMBC connection to street lights not possible, others to start 8/12.
– Dates for talks – Neighbourhood Watch, Cllr Bell, Windmill – to be reviewed

9. Parish Plan:
AS gave update – JL has questionnaire from Much Wenlock – copy to come. Important to have a questionnaire for young people.

10. LSP – Health inequalities – AS to attend and report back.

11. AOB
DE – congratulations and best wishes for future life on leaving the village to Rev Andrew Montgomerie for work on Jubilee Centre.
GW – still no reply from police
JT – poor street lighting in Gipsy lane advised by SMBC only replaced when vandalised!
AD – concern at SMBC re loss of planning documents
RH – concern at power cuts east side of village
DE – flooding Gipsy lane & HoE School junction – PM to adopt
JT – flooding outside White Horse – PM to adopt
Secy to write to BPC asking why no observations on Co-op extension.

Meeting closed at 9.20 pm

Next meeting Tuesday 11th January 2005 at 7.30pm at the committee room to te rear of the Balsall Common Village Hall
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