02/12/04 – Rock & Pop – Budapest announce New Year Gigs!!!!!!

CraigyB writes “Mark Seabridge, Balsall Bad Boy (and rock legend) strummed his way into the BalsallCom.Com offices, to bring us EXCLUSIVE NEWS of Budapest’s latest gigs!

Despite our less than amicable previous encounter with the bad boy of pop we invited him in to talk …

BCdotC: “So then Mark, what’s this about some new gigs in the new year?”

MS: “I didn’t say they’re in the new year.”

BCdotC: “OK so when are they then?”

MS: “They’re in the new year”

BCdotC: ” Look we didn’t let you in so you could be awkward … rude boy!”

MS “I was only saying …”

BCdotC: “Look don’t start. We’ve had it up to here with you [plenty of horizontal hand waving going on above head]”

MS: “Forget it I’m going, I told you before we don’t need your help, I was doing you a favour”.

BCdotC: “Fine!”

MS: “Fine!” [Mark gets up to leave]

BCdotC: “Hey where do you think you’re going?”

[door slams]

An air of disbelief descends on BalsallCom.Com’s offices.

There is a vague sense that it’s all gone wrong again on the Budapest front.

But then suddenly there’s a tap on the door, followed by a muffled sound, believed to be voice of Mark Seabridge (rock legend)

“You can put this on your site if you like.”

[a bent scrawny postcard flops onto the doormat]

What’s this? Could we be in business?

Here’s what the card said:

Budapest new year gigs announced

Tuesday 11th January 2005
Cox’s Yard

Thursday the 13th January 2005
The Garage
King’s Cross

Both gigs £5 on the door

Support bands (to be confirmed) will start 8.30 prompt both nights – arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Expect to see Buda between 9.30-10pm!!!

If you can get to either (or both!) and need any further info, please get in touch with me (Mark Seabridge rock legend).

Be great to see you there!

Mark Seabridge
mobile: 07968 695544″

[Serious Seabridge – it’ll be nice to see you to see youyayeeeeeeaaahHHH mmmNICEah!]

Given rude boy Mark’s attitude, Buda are somewhat fortunate to enjoy a position in BalsallCom.Com’s local weblinks section.

You can also find details of previous shenanegins involving BalsallCom.Com and Budaboy Seabridge with our Sounds like Budapest story:

This was an article where Mark spoke briefly with Craigy B
(Before it all turned sour. Again)”