04/10/04 – Balsall Common Village Resident’s Association

Balsall Common residents association’s Ann Santos has published full details of this important group in the local directory.Balsallcom.com aims to publish all future resident’s association minutes and events – thanks Anne! 

first up is the residents association meeting on 5th October (tomorrow). you can read the details in the village diaryclick read more for details about the association 

Our objectives:

  • To preserve and promote the amenities of Balsall Common.
  • To protect and secure the interests and rights of residents of Balsall Common.
  • We cover the area from the railway in the north and east to Gamble’s Garage in the south and Fen End in the west.
  • Our ongoing concerns cover housing/planning/traffic/anti-social behaviour/environmental issues.
  • We have representation on SMBC – LSP Forum.
  • The Parish Plan Steering Committee.
  • Lavender Hall Park Group.
  • The Airport Forums (main Consultative Committee and Environmental Monitoring Working Group).We do not review all registered Planning Applications, only those with a major impact, unless a local resident ask us for comment or support. 

    We have campaigned for some years for disabled spaces in the village, these have now been agreed and await budget. 

    Our aspiration is that everyone works to engender a community ethos. 

    In addition to our monthly meetings we are planning a programme of daytime visits to local amenities for the committee and interested residents. Notice of visits will be given on our Residents board on the wall of HSBC Bank and will be posted on Balsallcom’s diary. 

    We will also be organizing a series of speakers to talk at the conclusion of a brief committee meeting. Watch the notice board and Balsallcom’s diary for the Minutes of each meeting. 

    Community ethos:

    Here is what more adventuresome villages organize as local events or for a specific village purpose, i.e. Village Hall refurbishment. 

  • A yearly ‘walk-the-walk’ night walk through the local villages.
  • A ‘dusk to dawn’ bicycle-through-the night ride.
  • A cycling club to bolt-on to a nearby club. (Solihill)
  • As a start I have put forward the suggestion of a BMX club with track in Lavender Hall Park.
  • Kenilworth ( larger than us) even hold a Carnival. Anyone interested?

    The Village

    – Jo Williams, the Patch Manager will join us in a quarterly ‘walk-about’ to ascertain areas in need of attention in the village. 

    All BC residents are members of the Association, there is no membership fee or joining procedure and all are welcome at our meetings. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month except August @ 7-30pm Committee Room rear of Village Hall. We cover a wide-range of village issues. 


    Anne Santos: Hon. Chairman
    Glyn Price: Hon. Vice Chairman
    David Deanshaw: Hon. Secretary
    Alan Douglas: Hon. Treasurer.
    Committee: Dave Ellis: Gill Westlake: Rod Hatton: Norman Wood:

    Email contact: