30/09/04 – Slotspeed Racing

CraigyB writes “A group of enterprising Heart of England pupils have developed an ingenius motor racing game from Scalextric track and equipment.

‘Slotspeed’ came about after the School was invited to take part in a pilot scheme run by the Manufacturing Foundation.

A team of five youngsters shouldered responsibility for the entire project and spent 9 months under the mentorship of Foundation Director James Bentley.

These budding entrepreneurs produced their own plans, undertook their own development work, product servicing and fundraising (in the form of business loans and sponsorships).

The team’s first outing with ‘Slotspeed’ at the Town & Country Festival at Stoneleigh was a huge success, making sufficient income for team members to be confident of paying off loans swiftly and moving into profit.

The slotspeed team (which includes local lads Kenton Whitehall, Scott Bridgeman, Alex Kelly, Matthew Tranter and Stephen Skrzeczkowski – not a made up name we promise) is now focusing on building a website to increase their marketing potential.

You can book slot racing, the perfect attraction for social and fundraising events via email by emailing enquiries@slotspeed.co.uk

Craigy B