29/09/04 – Dogs Trust in their £1m Superhome

Local News CraigyB writes

Dogs Trust, rehoming centre in Honiley

Back in June we told of how Life in the Dog House just got Better, but the official opening of the Dogs Trust facility at Honiley only happened a couple of weeks ago.

TV celebrity and model Trinny Woodall, best known for her tough talking apperarances in the ‘What not to Wear’ TV series, fronted the ceremony on 13 September.

Trinny, a self confessed dog lover, took home Honey, one of the centre’s scared and angry abandoned pups 10 years ago.

And it was Honey and current resident Maize, who were dragged away from the TV in the ‘Real Life Room’ to munch through a string of sausages to declare the place officially open.

We were sure the sausage ‘type’ would remain an unsolved Scooby mystery until we were heard Honey growl,


So the dogs also get high quality food in their superhome.

Anyway she could have saved us some the ungrateful mutt.

Anyway, for anyone who wants to know more about the £1m facility, formerly known as the Canine Defence League, or how life in the Dog House really is the dogs dangly bits, check out our Dog House article.

Dogs Trust. Possibly the best Dog House in the world!

Craigy B