23/09/04 – Get on your bike to save kids

CraigyB writes

The 15th annual Balsall Common ‘Save the Children’ cycle ride is coming up on Sunday 26th September.

The venture offers a range of distances (20m, 40m & 60m) to cater for an array of mental conditions ranging from sane to stark staring bonkers.

All 3 routes depart from 22 Meeting House Lane with start times varying between 9am and 10.30am depending on distance and cyclists madness levels.

It’s not too late to get involved so if this event raises your curiosity, to get hold of sponsorship forms or further information all you need do is contact Sue Webb on 01676 533181 or Hanna Briggs on 01676 534775.

Remember money raised goes to Save the Children!!!

Craigy B
“On yer bikes people!””