18/05/04 – Berkswell Cricket’s disasterous weekend

darkness writes “All four of Berkswell’s senior sides lost in one of their worst weekend’s in living memory.
Despite a fantastic innings from Warwickshire star Dominic Ostler (89), the Saturday 1st’s lost by 6 wickets.

‘Dominic Ostler pictured above is shown here hitting one of 3 sixes during his masterfully controlled innings of 89.’

In a post match interview club captain Patrick Milnes said,

“The game was won by the toss of a coin. We lost the toss and with it the game. They put us in and it got easier to bat as the day went on.”

When quizzed about who tossed the coin Patrick admitted,

“ah that would be me,” ruefully “I’m such a useless tosser, but that’s something I can work on down the nets on a Thursday.”

Meanwhile the Saturday 2nd’s went down in similar manner.

“I’m also a useless tosser” said 2nd team skipper Paul Brattle, “the modern coin is much more difficult to flip, I think it got caught up in some turbulence. When it landed I knew the game was up”.

Sunday 1st Team skipper Craig Burgess insisted his tossing had nothing to do with his sides collapse admitting,

“Basically we were garbage. We were absolutley brilliant the week before though. So does that make it OK?”

Sunday 2nd Team captain Pete Wreford explained his defeat by saying,

“If I wasn’t the only one to score runs each week we wouldn’t have this problem”.

Berskwell will return to winning ways next week and storm the tables!

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