Reminisce with Balsall Radio’s Helen Wilkins-Tims

Helen - BR - Sun 10am-12noon
Helen Wilkins-Tims aiming to bring back memories on Balsall Radio.

Saturday 03 December 2016: Craigy B writes:

The Balsall Radio team is growing and their presenters are busy expanding the range of content listeners can expect to enjoy.

New presenter Helen Wilkins-Tims is enjoying the fruits of a successful first nostalgia show last Sunday after lots of positive feedback.

The theme of her first show was the ‘Balsall Bop’ – the regular disco the Balsall Common Lions used to provide for youngsters – and Helen has been overwhelmed by the way the community embraced the show with their stories. Helen was a fan of the ‘Bop’ herself and the memories that flooded in proved the ‘Bop’ might be long-gone now, but will never forgotten.

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Balsall Common Primary School’s Inspiring Futures Day

Pupils from a Solihull school got the chance to find out whether they might be the engineers of the future when they took part in a special ‘skills day’ recently.

The day gave children the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a safe environment in small groups giving them a tremendous overall experience.

The event held at Solihull College, Woodlands Campus, and covered six areas:

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Dr. Lea – A Village Remembers

Dr. Peter Lea takes a breather during a Spring Walk.

It is with a mixture of fondness and sadness that our local community reflects upon the passing of Dr. Peter Lea earlier this month – a true servant of the community – from his efforts as a General Practitioner to his ceaseless campaigning on behalf of the community in a vast array of roles.

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Vanity Furr Fun Fair – Sunday 20 November

If you’ve got a dog and you live in or near Balsall Common and Berkswell don’t miss the Vanity Furr Fun Fair.

The Vanity Furr Fun Fair takes place on Sunday 20th November from 2:30pm to 5:30pm at the Berkswell Reading Rooms. For more details see their Facebook event.

All Dogs Welcome

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Scam Warning

The Balsall Common Village Residents Association has released details of a recent incident suffered by an elderly lady as she attempted to drive out of the CoOp Car Park, with an appeal for residents to spread the word as widely as possible.

The lady involved was about to leave the car park, when a man banged on her car then promptly accused her of
badly damaging his vehicle. When she looked at his ageing car, she could see a substantial dent, whilst an examination of her own car revealed no damage.

The man said that he didn’t want to make a claim via insurance, insisting he would instead get an estimate from a friend and have it repaired privately. The man’s son, also in attendance, is said to have been particularly abusive.

Nervous of her situation, alone, with no-one else present in the car park, the lady handed over her telephone number and address, before refusing to loan his pen so that she could collect similar details. The man telephoned the following day to say the estimate was £350, but that he would accept £150 cash, further stating that he would arrive early evening to collect.

Before failing to show as expected, the lady had the presence of mind to report the matter to the police.

Their advice was that if he made further contact, she should inform him that she had reported the incident, was not going to pay and if he wished to pursue the matter, he must do so via his insurance company. If he proved abusive, she was not to let him in and to dial 999. Fortunately, the fact she lives in sheltered accommodation, with a security entrance, may have put the scam artist off attempting to make good on his visit.

Clearly, all the evidence points to a ‘try-on’ with a vulnerable lady.

Please be on your guard and share the details of this incident as widely as possible, in the interests of public safety.